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Consider This!

The vitality of thought is in adventure. Ideas won’t keep. Something must be done about them.

—Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947)

An idea is salvation by imagination.

—Frank Lloyd Wright (1869-1959)

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)

—"Song of Myself", Walt Whitman (1819-1892)

We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.

—John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

My hope is that gays will be running the world, because then there would be no war. Just a greater emphasis on military apparel.

—Roseanne Barr (1952- )

An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.

—Victor Hugo (1802-1885)

Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.

—John Steinbeck (1902-1968)

A clash of doctrines is not a disaster—it is an opportunity.

—Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947)

I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones.

—John Cage (1912-1992)

If you ask us what's going to happen in the near future, we have no fucking idea. Sorry for using the word 'idea.'

—Subcommander Marcos (?- )

Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.

—Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

Dare to be naive.

—R. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983)

The first duty of a revolutionary is to get away with it.

—Abbie Hoffman (1936-1989)

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Consideration Liberation Army
Walking Tour
Join The Revolution

Summer of Thought The Revolution Begins June 21st 2007!

Art is either plagiarism or revolution.
—Paul Gauguin (1848–1903)

Armed with the giddiness of schoolgirls, the tenacity of stage mothers, and the thoughtfulness of Russian novelists: we are Consideration Liberation Army.

We subscribe to no political doctrine. We adhere to no religion. We vote with our deeds for thought and thoughtfulness. We pray with our intellect for a better idea. We are the art party. We believe in art.

Without thought, do we really exist? Perhaps, but why bother?
Without kindness, is there hope? No. There isn’t. Downloadable flyer

Are we fascists? Do we insist upon kindness and relentlessly punish those who are unkind? Yes. We spank mean adults until they remember what they know to be true. We lock mean adults in rooms filled with challenging reading material. We deprive mean adults of food and drink until they cry out for community.

We at Consideration Liberation Army wield concepts. Nothing more. And nothing less.

You call us terrorists, and we accept that. We know that potential is more frightening than actual deeds. We know that the idea of something is more powerful than reality. We know that concepts rule.

Ahoy, Ideas!
Aloha, Concepts!
Hello, Liberation! Downloadable flyer

Ola, Kindness!
Howdy, Hope!
Greetings, Revolution! Downloadable flyer

Get lost in the quicksand of ideas. Surrender to the poetry of thoughtfulness. Your comrades await! Downloadable flyer

Revolutions are always verbose.
—Leon Trotsky (1879–1940)

The Revolution Continues July 18th 2007!

We write from the heart of the campaign, the heart of the North American continent, consumed with fiery metaphors of change. The time for provocation is upon us. We must lift up our minds and steel ourselves for the challenges to come. The endless gratification of good ideas well-sung and the hopeful blood surge that sends concepts soaring brings us to our feet!  "Greetings Revolution!", we shout across the steaming rooftops. "Ola Kindness!", we exclaim above swirling storm sewers. "Howdy Hope!", we whisper to the morning sun.

The Summer of Thought continues, illuminated by an electrical storm of consideration that vibrates through the city like St. Elmo's Fire. The people are with us and grow in numbers everyday. But the establishment, to its peril, continues to wallow in ignorance. We shall be forced to act with greater fervour and frightening dramatic flair. Do not say you have not been warned.

Comrade August 20th 2007

The revolution spins and careens, barely controlled, through the deserted summer streets. Can you not hear over the air-conditioned thrum? Can you not see through the deep-discount fog? Where is the mindfulness? Where are the hop, skip and jumpers?!

Our hostage gazes upon us with new eyes. Young and old alike open their arms to us. The underground swells and the surface buckles under the pressure of our growing, unstoppable numbers. There is no right time for change! Change waits for no one! Embrace the revolution. Hold her close. Do not wait another moment. The revolution is yours!

Hostage! August 6th 2007

Our latest video communiqué lists our demands and makes clear our motives.

This is a compassionate kidnapping.

Audacious actions and uncommon risks are the order of the day! There is no more waiting and wishing! No more averted eyes! No more tired indifference! We have been forced to push, to move, to demand attention!

Some would hide from our fury, some would retreat into air-conditioned ennui, some would turn back the tide of this conceptual heat wave. Yet, determined and thoughtful, countless people come. The ranks of our freedom fighting friends multiply daily. Pensive and proud, we are Consideration Liberation Army.

Take appropriate action!
Consider everything now!

Winter of Discontent September 23, 2007

Poised on the eve of the autumnal equinox (summer receding in the aft, fall cresting on the bow), Consideration Liberation Army pauses to reflect on the triumphant Summer of Thought.

Riotous and perplexing, ponderous and proud, we occupied street corners with complex conversations; we tossed down provocative thoughts and peaceful considerations for one and all; we willfully spread insidious ideas of care.

And now? Is this the end? No! Is this the beginning? No! This is the vast terrain in between, a tremendous in-land sea, the dark and rich stuff of life. And Consideration Liberation Army thrives! As the great Red River turns cold and black and jello-slow, Consideration Liberation Army burns ember-bright! CLA embraces the quiet onset of ice that is strong enough to heave foundations; that is strong enough to paralyse sewer pipes and blockade city streets; that is the very image of nightmares and change!

Yes, before us appears the stillness of long winter nights. But, do not be lulled or confused! You can no more undo this artful revolution than you can stop the tilting of the earth! Alone or gathered together, we cannot be halted! Ahead lies the future: thoughtful action, deliberate deliberation, and comradely potlucks!

Go forth into the Winter of Discontent steely with hope, heartened with consideration. Be warm! Be thoughtful!
Be brave!

Consideration Liberation Army

Consideration Liberation Army June 21– September 23, 2007 Postscript

Let it be known that Comandantes #1 and #2 went underground on September 23, 2007. No further missives have been received to date. Yet the movement multiplies. Unabated! Unled! Undaunted!

Long Live Consideration LIberation Army!

Video Communiqués